Sunday, January 25, 2009

Robert Frost "Design"

This poem immediately caught my eye because of the poet. I dislike Robert Frost poems. In my opinion although his poems are good they are overrated. This is why I read this poem. He uses eight lines to describe what he is seeing and then six lines to question it, which I thought was interesting. Usually you question more than you observe. I expected more lines questioning what he found. Also the rhyme scheme changes when he questions. His scheme goes from being organized to being scattered like his thoughts. He uses the rhyme scheme a,b,b,a,a,b,b,a then changes it to a,c,a,a,c,c. I also thought that what he questioned did not matter. It is like he questioned life and things that just were made to be that way. For example "what had that flower to do with being white". How can the flower help being white when that is just the way it is?

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Chris said...

I agree that this poem was a little different than most poems, but Robert Frost seems to always question himself more than he answers himself. I also think that his questions are irrelevant, but the way he formulates them is what actually makes the poems interesting.