Monday, December 1, 2008

Speaker "The Changeling" Judith Ortiz Cofer

The speaker in this poem obviously poses characteristics that shows she wants to branch off and discover/ be a part of things outside of the traditional view of "little girls". In desperation for her fathers attention she dresses up like Che' a figure representative of power and leadership, qualities that "shouldn't" be present in young girls. The speakers mother does not allow the girl to keep on the over sized clothes because she is still a huge part of the traditional view of women, and doesn't want her daughter ti stray away from it. The poem then ends with her saying "...and to return invisible as myself, to the real world of her kitchen". The speaker clearly detests the person her mother wants her to be, the mother feels like she should abide by her rules when she is in her kitchen /(when her mother is caring for her). The speaker wants to be more than just a little girl.