Thursday, January 15, 2009

External Form: [I shall forget you presently, my dear]

While reading this poem I automatically assumed that it was talking about a relationship but as I continued reading I found a parallel, in my opinion. You can infer that he/she could be talking about days in general. He/She will forget the day presently but later on in life she will look back on it and be happy that she lived that day. Similarly to a day there will always be new and exciting ones or dreadful one. He/She would "protest you with my favorite vow" but wishes it were longer lived.A day can easily be forgotten especially due to the timeline of our lives. I pondered the last two lines and came to the conclusion that if talking about "days", those lines would mean that getting through each day is not important to our final goal. In comparison with what the poem seems to bluntly express, which is a relationship, the poet is stating that he/she is holding off on their relationship. If the poet's spouse or significant other tricks the poet into coming back, he/she would go back but she knows that they would not last very long together.

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