Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shape Poetry

Shape poems usually take the shape of the object that is being descibed in of the poem. "Idea. Old Mazda lamp by John Hollander, takes the form of a lightbulb since throughout his poem he is comparing natural light and the light given off by a bulb. Hollander first refers to the light of a bulb as "feigned daylight". He goes on to evaluate the insignificance of a room, only lit by bulbs (or unnatural light). It almost seems that the author does not approve of the use of light bulbs, stating tht the dust from the bulb will burn a childs eyes while the dust from the sunlight will not. Holland also does not use any type of punctuation is this poesm, probably symbolizing the constant light tht comes from a bulb, that doesnt have any variation like the sun does.

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